FoxSet IT Solutions expertise was acquired in projects ranging from two weeks to over two years implemented for numerous companies in Canada, USA, Belgium and Australia.

"We are very satisfied with quality of FoxSet design and programming. Since the implementation [May 2000] the application is working reliably 24x7 in the real time environment processing speedily hundreds of messages per hour. Thanks to the configurability and expandability of the design the application could handle increasing volume of messages and growing clientele with few programming changes and no stoppage. I would recommend FoxSet to anyone requiring highly experienced and efficient design and programming."

"FoxSet IT developed nearly all key modules. Each involved complex architectural issues as the system had to deliver reliable data in real time. FoxSet has been pivotal in instructing System Analysts and programmers in the proper use of SQL and employing multi-processing to meet performance needs. This project success in many ways is due to FoxSet IT. I can recommend FoxSet IT for any tasks of any level of complexity."

"We want to stress the conscientiousness and on the spirit of collaboration that FoxSet IT made proof at the time of development of the application L.S.U. that enables us to ensure the follow-up and the invoicing of our contracts with the Commission of the European Communities. The quality of this application, which gives us entire satisfaction, also clarifies the capacities of analysis of complex problems of FoxSet IT." [Translation from French]

"Implementing FoxSet Studio came with little or no maintenance.  Furthermore, it has provided easy integration with new B2B modules."

"My secretary with no technical skills and no previous web experience was able to build our site. FoxSet Studio allows our non-technical users to update web pages without assistance."