FoxSet Studio... Interactive made Easy!

FoxSet Studio is an integrated and easy to use online system for building websites, online interactive presentations, online training programs, and other interactive needs.

Whether you're building your first website, or you're a project manager looking for an inexpensive and flexible tool to coordinate efforts between designers and developers, FoxSet Studio offers an extensible and affordable solution all based on point and click technology.

Use elements such as pop up menus and quizzes, or topics like inheritance and polymorphism, as simply or complexly as your needs require. Create webpages in minutes; build complex web sites in hours. All just a few clicks away!

FoxSet Studio is based on a visual interface so no programming knowledge is necessary. Spend time working on your site, not writing strings of code.

FoxSet Studio is remarkably flexible. Housed on the FoxSet Studio website, you can work directly from our web servers with no need to install anything onto your computer. Or you may choose to download to your own web server. Because FoxSet can export created pages in a way that any web server and browser can render, and because FoxSet Studio can be integrated with any third-party product, installing the created pages on your own web server is simple and convenient.

Despite its user-friendliness, FoxSet Studio is a powerful content management tool. This means your content is stored in a central database structure but can easily be retrieved to any section of your website(s) without duplication of work. Change a single component with one click and you can change the look of any number of pages. Present the same content in any number of different formats easily and quickly. FoxSet Studio can also cache pages.

FoxSet Studio does not use templates although it does support them. So, you have complete flexibility to choose the elements you want on the page, without having preset templates dictating where that content will sit or what it will look like. Use any website as inspiration! Because FoxSet Studio does support templates, it means that any page you create can be saved and thus easily customized for other parts of your site or for other sites that you build.

FoxSet Studio produces identical look and behaviour on Microsoft IE 5.5 or higher, Netscape 6.2 or higher, Opera 7.23 or higher, Mozilla 1.4 or higher, Galeon 1.4 or higher and Safari 125.8 or higher, so you can guarantee how your user will see the site. FoxSet Studio supports any media files that the browser is able to display as well as Macromedia Flash Movies.

FoxSet Studio provides various configurations to suit different needs:

    A complete framework suitable for web design and development. Applications can be deployed onto other servers.
    Suitable for stand-alone implementations, companies that want to build and / or to maintain their website.
    Suitable for web hosting services that need to provide their customers with and easy to use yet powerful and cross-browser compatible site builder.
    For sites with extremely high number of hits.
    Allows users to build and maintain websites that can be exported and installed on any web server.
    Suitable for implementations where the content is created / updated on a different master server.
FoxSet Studio. A powerful, affordable solution for Interactive Internet!