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24x7 professional web hosting, the best ever Web Builder, maximum uptime and the best response time anytime! Unlike all other shared hosting, all our clients (your cyber neighbors) are using the same system to run their website, therefore the server is consistent and stable, meaning your website performance does not depend on the goodwill and skills of your cyber-neighbors who would install and test programs that affects everybody's resources and performance.

CRM on demand www.officedata.ca
Strategy and structure designed to optimize sales efforts, marketing analysis, customer base, technical support, product catalogue, multi-currency invoicing, commissions, performance, shipping and inventory control.
Web Builder www.ibuildweb.com
Housed on the FoxSet Studio website, you can work directly from our web servers with no need to install anything onto your computer. Because FoxSet can export created pages in a way that any web server and browser can render, and because FoxSet Studio can be integrated with any third-party product, installing the created pages on your own web server is simple and convenient.
Advanced features, good practices and integrations with 3rd party products and / or customized development.
Customized Development
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